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Where to stay in Rome

If you have just booked your flight ticket to Rome and are now planning for accommodation you may wonder which location is best for you. This largely depends on your priorities and requirements.

Best area for transports Getting around Rome can be time consuming and it is fair to say local transports are not the most efficient. There are only two main underground lines connecting the town centre to suburban areas, whereas most of the transportation system relies on bus lines. Staying around the central Termini train station could therefore be a good option from a logistical point of view. The station is well connected to airports and both underground lines, while there is literally a fleet of buses stopping in Piazza del Cinquecento, the main square in front of the station.

Best location in Rome town centre If you want be fully immersed in the local scenery of the famous Roman “piazzas” and old town streets, the best places to look for accommodation will then be right in the centre of town. The areas around Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza Navona or the Spanish Steps are some of the best locations in Rome where you will be greeted with the splendour of the city right on your doorstep.

Staying off the main tourist areas If you are worried about practicalities but are not completely giving up the idea of staying close to the popular sights and landmarks, booking a hotel in the Prati area could be a good compromise and particularly suited for family holidays. This neighbourhood, adjacent the Vatican City, offers good connections into the town centre and at the same time is more residential and particularly quiet at night. Hotel Mellini is located right in the heart of Prati, find out more about our rooms and services!