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in the centre of Rome

Points of interest

The information we give you here is not meant to replace the services of a tour guide, nor are we professional historians… but we would like to help you with a few indications and ideas on how to best enjoy a city as complex and lively as Rome! Here are some of the places not far from Hotel dei Mellini we have chosen for you:

Trajan’s Market And Forum

The Trajan Market, with its arcades and negotiation rooms, is an ingenious structure partly built to support the ground under the Quirinale, alongside which they had dug to construct the Imperial Fora, to which the city’s public life was transferred. Here you can still see the where the boutiques once flourished and the rooms in which Imperial business was conducted.

Via IV Novembre 94 - tel +39 06 67 90 048 Information and reservations: tel/fax +39 06 69 78 05 32.

Palatine Hill

A walk around the oldest private homes of Rome and the Domus Augustana, the residence of emperors. Via di S. Gregorio 30 or Piazza S. Maria Nova 53 (Roman Forum) - tel +39 06 39 96 77 00 Book online at: or at the Visitor’s Centre of the Tourist Office at - Via Parigi, 5.

Roman Forum

The political, economic and religious centre of ancient Rome, it is the seat of temples, courthouses and other buildings where public and private affairs were conducted.
For information or to book a guided tour: tel +39 06 39 96 77 00.

Coliseum (Flavian Amphitheatre)

This is Ancient Rome’s most important monument, it is where the bloody battles between gladiators and ferocious animals took place. It was also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre and could seat fifty thousand spectators on four levels.

Piazza del Colosseo
Information and reservations: tel +39 06 39 96 77 00 On-line booking: Online reservations at: or at the Visitor’s Centre of the Tourist Office - Via Parigi.


MAXXI stands for the National Museum of the XXI Century Arts and was designed by the famous Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, who was tasked with promoting the arts of the XXI century, collecting and preserving a heritage representative of current artistic innovation.
There are actually 2 parts to MAXXI: MAXXI art and MAXXI architecture, with common space and resources for various activities such as exhibitions, live events, productions and experimental arts. There are also shops and entertainment space.

MAXXI is located in the Flaminio district of Rome. It is a massive public works with innovative and spectacular architecture.

Altar Of Augustan Peace

Recently restored by the world-famous architect Richard Meier, the New Altar of Augustan Peace is a monumental altar commissioned in the 13th century BC and consecrated in the 9th century BC to celebrate the peace established in the Roman Empire by Augustus. Meier has given it a new conceptual vision and it has remained an imposing and authoritative ancient monument now enveloped in a glass casing that is, in itself, a work of modern art.
Lungotevere in Augusta - Tel. +39 0682059127 -

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