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Hotel Prati Rome

The area of Prati in Rome is a large neighbourhood in the western part of the city adjacent the Vatican. Although located outside the border of the historical city centre, Prati is within walking distance from the old town, just across the river Tiber which is coasting most of the neighbourhood.

History and development of Prati in Rome Unlike the irregular and narrow medieval streets of the old town centre, Prati stands out for its wide avenues and large "palazzi" (buildings) developed in post-unification architecture style as part of the "piano regolatore", the first structured urban engineering plan through which this new quarter was developed in late 18th century. Prati became the symbol of this crucial historical period, setting in stone the foundations and aiming to expose the glory of the newly formed nation. Most streets were named after the political personalities of the "Risorgimento" movement, which lead to the Italian unification. The new buildings here served as homes for civil servants and the rising middle class, and several amongst them hosted public institutions offices and ministries.

Staying in Prati area Nowadays, the neighbourhood of Prati has maintained a bourgeois style and feeling. It is a quiet residential area, especially night time, with nonetheless buzzing shopping streets and many of the best rated restaurants and cocktail bars. The proximity to both the old town and the Vatican City, makes this area a popular choice for tourists looking for hotel rooms in Rome. Hotel Mellini is located right in the heart of Prati. Find out more about our rooms and services!