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Restaurants In Rome

Are you in Rome, looking for one of the city's best restaurants, offering you a delicious cuisine, a mix of tradition and innovation, in an elegant and exclusive location? Just a few steps from the Tiber River, close to the city centre, there is Hotel Dei Mellini, a 4 stars hotel that, inside its building, boasts a cafeteria-style restaurant, in order to give you an informal atmosphere with all the authenticity and quality of a 4 stars restaurant.

Here, at lunchtime, dinner or for an aperitif, you can relish the typical taste of the Roman traditional cuisine, the best delicacies of the Italian tradition, or discover international tastes, deep in the elegant atmosphere of Hotel Dei Mellini. With friends, by candle light, for a business meeting, our restaurant will be your landmark for taste and elegance.

Furthermore, just a few steps from here, you can lose yourself in the city vivacious life, walking throughout the streets of the city centre and breathing its atmosphere. You will reach the Vatican City which, with the magnificence of its Basilica will make your eyes blink, you'll carry on for Piazza di Spagna, with its Spanish steps and wonderful views of the city, and you will get close to the Colosseum, that will describe you the history of Rome and its legends.

What are you waiting for? Book a table at one of the best restaurants in Rome now, and taste the taste of the Eternal City.